Get Exercising

Make the most of your workout sessions and experience the freedom to exercise by engaging in a variety of ways in order to maximise your work-out regime. Get involved with our motivating and skilled crew to take your fitness to the next level.



Group Fitness Studio
Our private, fully air conditioned group fitness studio is where you can take part in great range of 47 group fitness classes per week.

Super circuit
Our ‘Super circuit’ is a 20 minute total body workout which is perfect for people with busy lifestyles and limited time.

Spin Cycling Studio
We have the largest spin classes in the Bay of Plenty - the fastest (and definitely the most fun) way to increase your cardiovascular fitness and get into shape.  We run 2-3 classes every day and offer a 'begin-2-spin' class each week.

Weights/Strength Conditioning
Push yourself in our fully equipped weights gym that has an extended free weights area, which lets you incorporate state of the art strength and conditioning machines into your work-out.

Vibration Training (Power Plate)
Muscle strengthening, toning, cellulite reduction, increased blood circulation and rehabilitation are just some of the excellent benefits gained from regular vibration training.


Experience the Freedom