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Dear Owner/ Operator,

I thought I would take this time to share my amazing experience with Oceanblue club!

For many years I have been overweight and have always wanted to loose weight. I joined jets and global fitness before and have never had any luck.

My flatmate decided to invite me to come along with her to the gym!.. Well did that change my life! I was so impressed with the equipment and the atmosphere in which Oceanblue has created.

I would like to say a huge thank you for Mel. Mel is such an amazing person.
I thought I would start challenging myself and started a Boxfit class on Thursday morning. She provided me with so much encouragement and would always and continues to say how proud she is of me! I know Mel think it is all me, but truly without her amazing support I wouldn't have got this far! It provided me with a reason to get out of bed and I look forward to saying good morning to Mel and letting her know how things are going! If you are reading this Mel! I absolutely think the world of you, you are incredible and have made my weight loss experience enjoyable and I will see you when I get back from Aussie! I already miss the gym!

I would also like to thank Brent who takes the Boxfit. He has pushed me to the limits and has trained me into a "mean kickboxer"' which he said to me the other week. I have really enjoyed this class and would recommend to anyone who wants to get some control in their life!

As much as I don't like the Monday morning pump class it is a good challenge for me! So thanks to Loui who kicks our ass every Monday morning!

I have now lost 30.1kgs in around 3 months!.. I have attached pictures to show the difference! Before pics were of me going up the mount in February and now pictures are off me over in Melbourne on Wednesday!

Thank you OceanBlue


All throughout high school, I worked my way up the ladder in pursuit of a dream to become New Zealand's fastest school kid, and in the last years of school it happened. Only a few adults could beat me over the 100 and 200m.

At the end of 2010 I had an bad accident which broke the bones connecting my spine to my hips which then allowed my spine to slide forward off my hips and crush my nerves.
The doctors told me I would never sprint again but that was too easy.

I needed a facility with the tools that would allow me to train my body in ways the doctors said wasn't possible so that I could return to the point before the accident, and that's where Ocean Blue came into the picture.
The facilities as well as the support  from the staff and fellow users allowed me to surpass my goal of returning to form, and become New Zealand's fastest man.

Without the help and support of Ocean Blue I'd hate to even think about where Or who I'd be today.
Thank you for everything. 

 I could fill a page about Oceanblue, they truly are a great crowd and the staff are fantastic!  I have been coming now for 8 years and have lost about 15 kgs and seem to have reached a plateau. Mind you I am now 80 years old. I go twice a day. I do my cardio in the mornings and come back in the afternoon to do weights, interspersed with talking a bit of nonsense at reception.  
About 4 years ago I had a bad accident on my motorbike and ended up having a scan.  The specialist said I had done the worst damage to my shoulders he had ever seen and that there was no point operating as he could do nothing to help me and the muscle would never grow back on the bone. He also told me I would never have full use of my arm and never lift my arms above my shoulders again. Well so much for an educated specialist who had obviously never heard of Oceanblue. Over the 4 years I have made a 100% recovery thanks to Oceanblue. I now feel like I am 40 years old again!!
July 2012

11 months ago, with some apprehension and at 109 kilos I joined Oceanblue Health Club.  Nearly a year later my ife has changed in so many ways.  Now 89 kilos and feeling GREAT I feel capable of almost anything.  This achievment would not have been possible without the commitment and encouragement I have recieved fromt the awesome staff at Oceanblue.  My deepest thanks go out to all those who have made (what I thought) the impossible now possible.
June 09

I use to find it hard to get motivated to go the the gym, but since joining Oceanblue and meeting their professional and friendly team I now find it is the highlight of my day.  The wide variety of facilities from Weights, Swimming, Power Plate Training and Squash keep me interested and keen.  I am now getting the results I wanted.  Big thanks to Oceanblue.
July 09

I have been to several other gyms in the area but none are as unique as Oceanblue.  This gym offers more than a simple fitness programme, but offers the whole range of diverse exercise facilities.  From swimming to playing squash to cardio equipment and weights, if I didn't have to work I could spend all day there.
The equipment is up to date and always well maintained.  The staffs knowledge, friendliness and professionalism is something they should be proud of.  Their personal training staff are varied in their specialties and cater for all needs. 
Come and enjoy this gyms awesome atmosphere and you will be hooked.
August 09

In 2005, not long after Oceanblue opened, a girlfriend of mine asked me to join the gym with her. She felt if she had someone to go to the gym with she would be more likely to go. At that stage I was doing a bit of running but no weights or group fitness classes at all. I wasn’t that keen to join a gym as my previous experience with gyms left me with images of old weight equipment and hot sweaty airless buildings. So I was very pleasantly surprised to find the latest brand new up to date weight and cardio equipment and air conditioning at Oceanblue. When I joined I was assessed by one of Oceanblue’s personal trainers and given a weights and cardio programme. The staff were very supportive and encouraged me to take my weight training a step further.  Five years down the track I am a competitive bodybuilder. I have competed at a National level and at each competiton I have been lucky enough to win my category. 
The new building additions to Oceanblue have added other interests to my fitness programme – I am now a regular “spinner”, have started the Beginners Thai Boxing Classes, do Pilates twice a week and am looking forward to the new Zumba classes starting up. My partner says I might as well move my bed into Oceanblue as I am there more than I am at home. It’s my home away from home!!
Thank you everyone at Oceanblue for your support and sponsorship!
October 09
When I first joined the gym I was just over 83kgs and it was to help out a friend by taking over their membership. I was never scared of training hard and was fine training by myself for a long time… but I then realized being stuck on 72kgs (3 months ago) that I wasn’t getting the results, that I could see others around me getting.
The common thread to all of those that I could see around me with dramatic changes was a personal trainer by the name of Marise Balogh. 2 months ago Marise gave me not only the training program but the nutritional expertise and understanding that I was missing.
She broke so many mindsets and misconceptions that I had about training at the gym and challenged my way of thinking regarding exercise and eating. This caused a huge change not only in my accountability structures regarding training but in what I could actually train for. The focus now is muscle definition and maintaining the great work that Marise has helped me to achieve. I am also training for a Triathlon and now weigh 59kgs.
I have had great encouragement from Sue and other trainers at the gym, which makes my time at Oceanblue very enjoyable!
Thanks heaps team!!
November 09



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